Friday, April 16, 2010


In the last month I decided to try this the "Healthy way".


I havn't worked out once.

But I have not binged in over a month.

I went vegetarian :)

It's so much easier not to binge when you know that you made such a big commitment.


I know nobody here will probably follow my footsteps, but I don't want to be 500 lbs when I get older, so I figure I might as well get my metabolism trained now :).

I have a new boyfriend. He's amazing. We've only been together liiiikeee... 5 days? lol. But nonetheless. Amazing. :)

Daddy got mad at me Tuesday night. I missed school because I threw up. He didn't believe me. I am now the ashamed little girl keeping her eyes on her feet to make sure her hair is in her face and doesn't reveal the bruises underneath. I'm sorry if you don't wana hear it. But I figure, I gota tell someone. Why not the girls who have been with me through the hardest times in my life?


I'll start getting on more often again. Let you know how life's going. And if I ever decide to fall back into my habits, someone please talk me out of it :)

Love you girls.