Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I miss Ana.

I really, truely, and honestly do.

Should I come back to her?

Will she still love me like before?

Be there for me when nobody else will?

She was my everything.


Do I want to risk everything again though?

I need some advice..

How're you girls getting along?



  1. No, don't risk everything again.

    I think every girl that struggles with Ana wishes she could be on the other side. Free.

    If you have the chance to make it out- away from Ana's chains- run for it.

  2. good question. i wish i would know the answer. i´m in the same mess...

  3. You don't want to do it Camille. You don't.

    Remember that epic fast that you did? You think you had control, well you didn't. She did.

    You can't be yourself, whilst you still let her have control. She never loved you Camille.

    She made you starve because she wanted to kill you. She still does. Don't let her.

    If this takes me giving yuo my skype, phone number, real facebook, whatever - I'll do it.

    Please don't fall again.