Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Yesterday I had so much energy.

I just wanted to have all of my stresses gone.

So... I started working at them one by one.

I didn't eat a thing and only drank water and black coffee for almost three days.

But last night was the first practice for swimteam and I NEEDED something in my system.

So i had a half a cup of wheat rice with lemon juice and cayanne pepper, one cup of a salad with low cal italian dressing, and a FOURTH of a turkey sandwich with lettuce and tomato and no dressing.

I did NOT binge. I can FINALLY say that I fasted... and had CONTROL when I decided to eat a little of something. :)

I woke up this morning, ran my hands over my shrinking stomach, and smiled.

I wasn't bloated. There was no binge belly. I knew today was going to be amazing.

No food today.

I've decided instead of setting goals.. I'm just going to take it a day at a time.



So this swim team stuff.

We have practice EVERY day... except for sundays.

All practices are an hour to an hour and a half.

And we HAVE to be there.

If we're not, We have to make it up.

If we don't, We're off the team.

I love swimming. It works every muscle in your body and you feel so incredible gliding through the water.


I'm weighing myself today.

Dad took the scale to the girls wrestling tournament this weekend (he's the wrestling club's coach) so i haven't had it during fasting. But since I didn't eat much last night, I should be about the same.

How's everyone's plans working out for them?

Until tonight lovlies!


-Camille :)

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  1. Thats so great im so happy that you are seeing your stomache change and get thinner! And i love swim team best workouts ever, but your right it is totally intense! You have inspired me so much i'm currently fasting for ten days! I know i can do it thanks to you! lol i was reading all your old posts and they are amazing!
    stAy stroNg! thiN9(k) thiN!
    xoxo Lyndee