Friday, March 19, 2010


I quit swimteam.

Got fired from my job.

Totally lost my social life.

Damn it. I'm just downright depressed.

I have absolutely nothing to look foward to in life.

Maybe my outlook will be better when I like my body. eh?

Alright. It's time for yet another dedicated fast. Hmm. 10 days?

Not too long... But long enough to do some real damage.

I ate at pizza hut with my family yesterday.

A small salad and two slices of pizza.

Bleck. But I havn't eaten today.

Tomorrow might be hard.

I'll do my best.

9 more days.




  1. so sorry to hear that things are going so rough :( i hope that they start to look up soon!

  2. I've been there hun, still am. It will get better! I promise. :)

    Stay strong.

  3. Hey there! You're pretty inspiring for me since I'm about 130 right now after starting from 135 like you did. I'm excited to follow your progress and hopefully, watch my weight drop along with yours! Thanks for sharing your blog with us all.