Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Because apparently...

I'm 123.

I guessed my weight last post.

Thought I was around 130.

123. :)

Not bad!



I didn't eat much yesterday.

And I havn't eaten at all today! :)

Fasting days make me feel amazing.

I guess you guys know how I feel :)

Once I get through one day... day two. day three. and day four...

Seem like nothing.

but when i decide to eat after a fast...

It's sooo hard not to just binge my ass off.

So I try to just wait until 6:30 to eat anything.

Because I try not to eat after 7:00.

That way I can choose healthy meals and not feel AS bad about eating all that I do.



It's bout 12:30 in da mornin so I'm off to bed pretties.

I love you!


-Camille :)

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