Friday, January 15, 2010


Hello girlies.

It's been a while.

I know.


I've been eating normal (Under 2000 Cals) for the past week or so.

I was trying to decide if doing this to myself was worth it.

The verdict?


7 days of 2000 cals n i've gained almost 10 lbs.

I guess this little experiment put me back to square one...



Me n N broke up.

So no more wasting every free moment not exercising.

I'm back to this now.

Today after school I'm going home and working out for an hour before I go to work.

I don't know why I feel so motivated.

I don't know why I don't continue eating "normal".

Maybe it's because my body repulses me now.

Maybe because I miss seeing my hip bones.

My ribs.


I'm updating my ABC to make it a little more... doable?

Because by the 2nd week every time I start,

I have at least one binge day.

I'm ready to accomplish this.

I know I can...

And I will.


5 days a week...

I'm exercising.

Every week...

I have to have a 4-day-fast.

On days that I do eat...

I'll eat a yogurt, an apple, and a celery stick.

And nothing else.

If I feel like a binge, or eating ANYTHING besides what i've posted...

I'll chug 8 oz of water.

If that doesn't work...

I'll chew.

If THAT doesn't work...

I'll either work out, take a bath, clean, or just do them all to keep me preoccupied.


So those are my rules for now.

I may update them at some point...

but that should get me started.


What do you all do when you feel like binging?

I'm in need of some ideas.

Is anyone currently fasting?

Comment me :)


Thank you all for your *wonderful* support.

I love you all :)




  1. hiya i'm on a fast atm (:
    it's been 25 hours, and i'm not allowed to eat untill tomorrow morning.
    i just keep busy. after the initial 12hours, the stomach pains and hunger wear off.


  2. what do i do when i feel like a binge?
    I binge.
    Or (actually this works great) eat as much as & whatever you want, chew it to mush so you can taste it but have a cup or plastic bag beside you and spit it out once your done- then onto the next mouthful.. ;)