Thursday, December 31, 2009


First day of the 4 day fast.

...I Look down

And all I see is failure. :/

Not that I've done THAT bad with my ABC.

But I deem it necessary to start over.


I havn't weighed myself in 3 days.

In all honestly...

I'm afraid.


I started chewing on a regular basis.

I hate it.

It's absolutely disgusting.

But it totally kills my appetite.

And if I do it on a totally empty stomach...

Sometimes I throw up.

A Plus.


Starting new years day.

I start working out every day.

Every single day.

I know that's not always possible.

But it's what I'm aiming for.


I'm guna try and post more tonight.

And if not I will fer sure be on tomorrow.

I love you guys :)



-Camille :)


  1. Happy New Years Eve. :]
    Good luck with everything.
    Stay strongg!

  2. I think alot of girls are starting the ABC for the new year so you'll have alot of support. Good luck!

  3. ranna b is right, you wont be going into this alone. the abc is always hard when you first start it. the chewing thing i cant say is the best thing to do but if you feel like it helps you not eat then go for it. i dont know, chew scares me, my friend had a peice of his mouth removed after he got mouth cancer. he chewed. then again nothing were doing is healthy so it cant be doing to much harm lol.

    stay strong


  4. What is chewing? I'm thinking about doing the ABC as well! Stay strong!