Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Firstly... I'm proud to say that I stayed under 100 cals yesterday. :)

Secondly... I'm also proud to say that Today is going purely to exercise. :D

And Thirdly... I'm extremely excited to tell you. I went down two pant sizes :'D

Yesyes. I'm officially a size 5-7. I was an 11 when I first started. I kindof have a weird body though. I have wide hips and a huge butt so i normally had to get pretty big pants. But thank god, I'm losing. :)

My mom bought them for me thinking I had been looking smaller, and I was just going to use them for thinspiration. I thought that there was no way I could fit into them. But! i tried them on and they look great. :D I'm so incredibly happy.

Today's a 200 cal day. But I'm feeling really thinspired so perhaps I'll make today a fast day? Yes? Mkay. Fast day it is. :D

Oh man. I feel so in control right now. I can't believe they fit! I'm sorry. I'm so stuck on this. Haha. :p

As soon as I find my camera (which hopefully will be today), I'm going to start posting pictures. Every day possible. It'll give me a reason not to binge! :)

As soon as I get home from school today, I'm going to start working out. I'm going to keep going until 7, and then I'm going to the YMCA to lap swim. :) I havn't worked out in a REALLY long time. I'm talking like, 2 weeks. fuck. Well! A good reason to start today, right? :p

Good luck to all you beautiful girls!

Love you muchly! <3

-Camille :)


  1. Wow congratulations on losing two pant sizes!!!! I'm sure you feel amazing, great work :)
    Your thinspiring the rest of us!
    Stay strong and think thin!!

  2. Congrats! I'm really glad to hear about your success. :]

  3. You're amazing *hugs*

    And I wish I had as much willpower
    as you do! *mouth drops* 2 pant sizes?!

    Thanks for the wonderful comments! You
    do the same for me; you are "there" with
    me. I love that we are able to be apart
    of eachothers lives. It really makes me