Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm going for no more and no less than a three day fast. I'm not going to try and do something I know I can't handle. I just set myself up for dissapointment time and time again. Monday, tuesday, and wednesday, I'm not going to eat. Not only punishment for eating last week, but also punishment for what I did to N this weekend. (Btw. I told him last night. :/. It could've gone better.) :(.

I've decided to go vegetarian. Maybe that will make it easier not to binge. I've always kind of been a wana-be vegan. I always feel terrible about eating any kind of meat, fish, or egg. It's revolting to me how someone can enjoy devouring a once living thing or something that was supposed to be alive. I have no clue why I haven't done this before. :S

I had a cup of black coffee this morning. It always makes me feel bleh on an empty stomach, but that usually makes me too nauseous to eat. So. Yay. :)

Is it cheating to have a cup of broth on a fast? I sometimes drink a half a cup or a cup to keep me from bingeing. I guess it's better than that. It's only 5-10 cals though, so I wouldn't think so, but i duno. :/

Ah! I decided I liked the cold shower thing :). I usually take an unbelievably hot bath and scrub away all the dead skin and then I'll get out and turn the shower on a little colder than body temp, get in, and make it so cold I can barely stand it. I'll stand there shivering, but knowing I'm burning calories :).

Erm. Working outs going pretty good. I havn't really noticed much of a difference, but other people compliment my arms and legs, and my stomach every once in while if they see me shirtless. ;D. haha. It makes me feel hella good. But it also makes me want to keep going with it. Yay for motivation! :p.

Right now I'm in first hour. I'll be back in here third hour to post more if I think of anything else I wana put down ;p. Wish me luck! Its guna be a long three days. :/.


p.s.- To the two following me :), Thanks so much for your support! It makes each day a little easier knowing there's someone right there with me. :). And good luck to the both of you through this. You know I'm always here! :D. You're beautiful, strong girls and I hope you reach your goal! :)


  1. Kudos to you for telling N about what happened over the weekend. I think that took a lot of guts.

    I don't consider it cheating to have broth during a fast. I think of it as being on par with tea or crystal light- just another form of liquid.

    Good luck with your fast :)

    ps. Thank you for the lovely comment. I like your posts a lot too, so I'm following you now as well :)

  2. Wow.. you act fast, haha. Good for you on the
    N thing.

    I drank broth during fasts/past anorexic days.
    I don't think it counts.

    Ahg! I cannot stand the cold shower! It's never
    been me.. I wish it was.... But you do know
    that if it's too cold coming from a warmer
    heat can possibly give you shock/seizure/what-
    ever. Just to let you know....

    Haha, I post during 1st and 3rd hour at school
    as well! Awesome!

    I wish you the best of luck! Keep going!

  3. Good luck on your three day fast! My longest fast was three and a half days, I can't seem to go any longer. I read somewhere that three days was a good amount to do at one time.

    I think I'm going to fast tomorrow. Today was a horrible binge day. I wish I could purge it all up. :\