Thursday, November 19, 2009


I'm really quite proud of myself. :). I started off the day yesterday planning on eating around 500 calories. Made fat-free jello, fat-free pudding, salad wif fat-free dressing, helped my sister make supper, made my other sister a pizza, went with my boyfriend, his dad, and his sister to go get ice cream.

Passed up every single one of them. I had a stalk of celery. And nothing else. :) I was actually letting myself eat, but for once passed it up. I was amazed at my control yesterday.

Once again, I put off weighing myself. I don't know if it's because I'm scared, or if I just want to make sure I lose weight before I check again. I'm not exactly sure. But. I want to super bad.

Once again, again.. :p.. I put off working out. >:(. damn. I had a super busy day. Came home from school, went to Dillons, made all this food (which I guess was unnecessary... I shoulda worked out instead), went to a play wif da bf, went out for ice cream wif his dad n sister, came home, cleaned my room, and went to bed. Goddam my room is pretty much spotless. When did I become such a perfectionist? haha.

I had black coffee this morning. Yumyum. I bought a whole buncha health food stuff yesterday. So, if i decide to binge, I have no reason to eat the high-cal crap. :). Then I won't go on a 2 week long binge again :/. Blecky.

I work tonight. 5:30-9. I hope it goes by quick. It's friday, so I'll be staying busy. :). I'll pretty much have to speed-walk for 3 1/2 hours straight. haha. Good deal. :p.

I wish I could get motivated enough to go run. I did it for a while last year, and got pretty into it, but I just can't these days.. hmm. :/

I wish I could find my camera. Take some pictures of my progress. I've been trying to on my phone... but my phone pretty much sucks. :/.


Good luck to you all this weekend. :).

I probably won't be on much. :/.

But! I will definately try my very hardest! :p

One slow day at a time, lovelies.


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  1. I'm really glad you're feeling in control. :] It's a great feeling.

    Good luck the next time you weigh yourself! :D