Thursday, November 19, 2009


Soooo.. I decided to try the 500cal diet. I can eat less, but no more than that every day. Yesterday went well :).

1/2 pb&j uncrustable - 160
Small bag of trail mix (minus m&ms) - 140
4 small apple slices - 40ish..?
1/8 cup raisins - 60
1/3 oatmeal bar - 100

Total: 500 exactly :).

I've been extremely crampy n bloated. Yay for being a girl. :p. Soooo.. I havn't had much motivation to get off my ass n go exercise. But! I am today! I'm not going to let another chance of losing calories slip through my fingers again. :)

I havn't weighed myself innnn... lets see... 4 days? Sounds about right. And then was right after a huge binge. I weighed 130. :/. But on the plus side! I know I don't weigh that much today :). I'll check right after school. Maybe that'll be some good motivation. It seems that's all I really need. Someone or something to tell me that what I'm doing is working. That it won't be for nothing. Cause I'm tired of hearing the other way around. :/.

I got to sleep last night around 2:30. Had to wake up at 6. Bleh. Definately guna need a nap after school today. My head is throbbing and the ibuprofen didn't help my headache or the cramps. Ughhhhh. I just wana curl up in a ball and cry myself to sleep. lol. :p.

I don't know what my problem with sleeping is anymore. I just can't seem to clear my head. I just lay awake in the dark trying so hard to sleep, but all that does is stress me out until I break into tears. Then I get a headache. Then it's even HARDER to get to sleep. Ugh.

I cried a lot yesterday.

My uncle commit suicide last month. And my mom found the CD him and his band made. He's the lead singer. Gorgeous voice. I haven't heard it since they played his CD at his funeral. Hurt then too. All I can see is him on stage singing his heart out. He was such an amazing person. Always happy. Always had a joke. He knew how to keep people laughing. I miss him a lot. It's not fair..

Sorry. Sob story. Haha.


I'll get on tomorrow morning and post how today went.. or maybe I'll be back on tonight..


I don't know about you guys... but I'm craving some change.



  1. Sorry to hear about your uncle. :[

    Trying reading before going to bed. For me, it gets my eyes tired and makes me want to sleep. Really helpful if you're restless. Or do some exercise, something that gets your heart pumping really hard. Do it till you just collapse on your bed and fall asleep.

  2. Glad to hear your plan is working out.
    Mine is too! It's a lot easier than
    just fasting everyday.

    Uhg.. girl troubles right here as well.
    Go us!

    I've been waking up in the night as well.
    It probably has to do with how little your
    body is getting nutrition-wise! So maybe
    start taking a vitamin or getting a bit
    of something from every food group. Take
    a sleeping pill?? I have prescripted ones
    but they work like shit =D And then if it
    does work, I'm all pooped in the morning
    because it still hasn't worn out.

    Hope you're sleeping well tonight!